• How to rename Veeam Backup Server Hostname

    As IT Pro one of the most critical tasks is the Backups that must be monitoring every day and be sure that can use it when will be needed. Usually Backup Servers don't need lot of changes.
    But sometimes maybe requested to do a migration , change Computer names and other tasks that will be cause errors in Backups if you aren't very carefully.
  • Migrate Altaro VM Backup Server to new Server

    Backup is one of the most important task for IT Pro in small,medium, enterprise companies. Fortunately today you can find lot of backup software that can use for your backups. 
    But sometimes Backup Server must be migrate to new Server. Most of the times this is not a simple task because you don't want to start take backups all your servers from the beginning.
  • News - NAKIVO VM Backup Appliance based on QNAP NAS is available

    In my Review of Nakivo Nakivo Backup & Replication  v7 Review  i had emphasize the feature of Nakivo that can  install and use it in Synology and WD NAS.
    Today i would like to inform at May 4th Nakivo Release a new Version of VM Backup that you can install and use it in QNAP NAS.
  • Planning an Active Directory backup and restoration

    Backing-up and restoring Active Directory can be a painful task, and it's not easy to know where to start. This goal of this article is to provide a brief overview of the Active Directory backup and restoration process. 
  • Nakivo Backup & Replication v7 Review

    In today world backup software it's not the most exciting thing for Directors or CIO in a company. Company must spend some money for the Backup Software and  Windows Licenses to be idle most hours of the day.