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Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Review

Exchange Server today is widely used by many companies across the globe. You never know in future
maybe more and more companies migrate to Office365, but Exchange Server will remain the widely
used at least coming half a decade.

As IT Pro one of the biggest challenge is to maintain Volatile Exchange Server. 
In the past, I had faced multiple issues with Exchange Server databases that unable to mount because
of no maintenance or setup was not as per the norms and guidelines with reference to
Microsoft recommendations.

Nakivo Backup & Replication v7 Review

In today world backup software it's not the most exciting thing for Directors or CIO in a company. Company must spend some money for the Backup Software and  Windows Licenses to be idle most hours of the day. 

But when someone delete critical email or a FileServer bring offline and must be restore as soon as possible then Backup Software must be there to start the Job.

Whether you are a small business or Large enterprise Backup Software it's one of the most important thing to your organization.

For this reason Backup Software must be easy and reliable.

What's new in Altaro VMBackup v7

Altaro Backup v7 include new features that i am very curious to try it and understand how it works and the most important if it's efficient for the Backups in the Production Environment.

As you can find in the new features i would like to publish it in the article and describe it with more details for better understand and take better decisions.

Vembu BDR Suite Reporting and Management

Last month i publish 3 articles of Vembu BDR Suite and try to cover all of the features and how can use it. IT Pro can use this guides to take decisions or help in configuration of Vembu BDR Suite while install for evaluation. 

Today i will publish the last article which will cover Reports and Management features.

So let's start !!!!



Reports of backups it's a very important task because you can keep healthy all your backups while you can check the status of the Backup Jobs and resolve in case of Failed. 

Discovering Vembu BDR Suite - Free Edition

After my Review of Vembu BDR Suite i would like to watch news for the specific product. Today i would like to share that Vembu Technologies release a new free version of Vembu BDR Suite as v.3.7.0.

Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition can use it in differet scenarios.

Today most of the companies has multiple HYPERVISORS like Esxi and HYPER-V as Lab Enviroment for Test Servers. Maybe some of them must take it backup not so often. With one click in Free Edition you can have this protection without need to pay anything.

Today downtime of a Production Server maybe catastrophic in company for lot of reasons.

IT Pro must has deploy good Backup software with the right design base on the requirements of the company to reduce or eliminate downtimes in any scenario. Must be ready to face any Failover Scenario or Disaster Recovery Site Scenario at minimum time.

To accomplish this must be doing tests every x months in Restore or Failover Process of different Servers and documented all the process step by step and any issue that maybe face during Restore.

Altaro VM Backup Review

Are the most important tasks Backup and Restore for every IT?If Backups aren't design with the right way can be catastrophic for the company. Every IT must give more attention to  design Backup Strategy and check it periodically if are healthy.

Today you can find lot of Backup Softwares in the market for small,midsize and enterprise companies. One of the Backup Softwares that choose to test is the Altaro VM Backup. I have hear good reviews from other IT Pro so i decide it to test and find how it's working.

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