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Migrate Veeam Backup Server to new Server

Virtual Servers are part of our life today and most of the companies use Physical Servers to support Virtualization Technologies on-premises or in Cloud. Backup Software's like Veeam,Altaro Acronis, focus on Backup Solution for Virtual Servers.  I use Veeam Backup & Replication Software without problems from last year. Last Month i decide to Migrate Backup Server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 and Veeam Backup Replication to version 9.

Powershell is a great tool for system administrators. So today i will describe how can use powershell to connect remotely in one or multiple pc's without being leverage againgst multiple systems. Imagine that you need to conenct in 20 pc's at least and do a small change , monitoring processes or restart a specific service. With powershell you can do it without need to connect in every system.

Sometimes maybe need to move one of our Virtual Machine from one HYPER-V host to another hardware and HYPER-V Host. I wll not explain why must be done because everyone has the own reasons to do it. But The most common reasons that need to move your Virtual Machine are to free up space, free up resource of your HYPER-V Host or to change the hardware of your HYPER-V Host

In previous article i explain how can manage HYPER-V Integrations Services from HYPER-V Manager or Guest(OS). For those that use Server Core Installation or they are fan of PowerShell you can manage HYPER-V Integration Services from PowerShell. Today i will explain all the necessary steps to manage the Integration Services thourgh Powershell. As explain in previous explain HYPER-V Integration Services are services that allow communication between virtual machine and HYPER-V host.

Manage HYPER-V Integration Services

HYPER-V Integration Services are services that allow communication between virtual machine and HYPER-V host. When install a new Virtual Machine then automatic install a package of services which consists the HYPER-V Integration Services and improve the perfomance and manageability of Virtual Machine. If you need to learn more details you can visit Microsoft Technet Page at .

How to use Resource Metering in HYPERV

IT Professionals need tools to track usage from specific business units. If you search you can find lot of monitoring tolls that can do this job but most of them need to pay and for free open source need an advance knowledge to install, configure and enable measure metrics for the resources that you want. 

I don't want to say don't use Monitoring Tool in your enviroment. But it takes times and need people to do this. If you are alone you need a quick solution until decide your Monitoring Solution in your enviroment. 


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