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How to Use HYPER-V Best Practice Analyzer

Best Practices Analyzer it’s a Server Management Tool which introduce in Windows Server 2008 R2 and included in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Best Practices analyzer (BPA) helps System Administrators to reduce best practices violations by scanning and reporting any violation. 

BPA comes with 74 scans to see which settings configure with the wrong way and which settings not configure at all.

How to Enable HYPER-V Enhanced Session Mode

HYPER-V in Windows Server 2012 has lot changes. One of them is Enhanced Session Mode. All we know that Virtual Machines don't provide any physical console that you can interact with like a physical computer.

From  my experience lot of times i need to copy/paste files from USB Disk in the Virtual Machibe and i must copy-paste in network location like a User folder, connect Remotely in Virtual Machine or from HYPER-V Host Console and open network location to copy/paste the file or folder.

As i mention lot of times in the past Powershell is an amazing tool that can do lot of things. As IT with so many tasks , so many Servers to support, HelpDesk , Security and much much more to do you can automate lot of tasks with Powershell. 

Today i don't have to publish a new Article with How To that usually do in Askme4tech.

I would like to announce the 1st tool from Askme4Tech with Power GUI which include most of the Powershell commands that i have Publish in the past related to Reports of Active Directory. 

Backup it's very important task for every IT from the small company with 5 users until Enterprise with hundred of users. In the market you can find thousand of Softwares for backup your data. But when you create Backup Strategy must have in mind and the Restore Process.

When the company it's small backup it's simple and backup tasks it not takes lot of time to complete because has to do with few GB's . When company grow or work in a company with lot of users then Backup start to be more complex.

IT Professionals use Windows Server Manager to Install new Roles , Features , check the Event Logs or launch other Tools. Windows Server 2012 Server Manager has lot of changes. One of the change or betetr new feature because Windows Server 2008 it's not has the specific feature is the Perfomance Alerts that you can configure. Perfomance Alerts it's somethig different with Perfomance Counters. Don't confused.

Last week i decide to Capture a fresh installation of Windows Server 2012 R2 with Last Windows Updates and Antivirus. Because It takes me lot of time every time that must be install new Server. 

The configuration to capture Windows Server 2012 in MDT 2013 it's ready. I have explain step by step in How to Capture Windows Image using MDT 2013 how can do it. So i start the proccess to capturing the Windows Server 2012 R2.

Failover is very important for all IT Pro and is High Importance Project that must have been complete and do periodical checks that works without problems. Today i will explain in depth the last part  how can start the Failover Server and Failback to the Production again without issues and downtimes.



If you would like to read the other parts in this article series please go to:

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Windows Sysprep Tool for Virtual Machines

Sysprep is a Microsoft tool  prepares an installation of Windows for duplication, auditing, and customer delivery. Most of you are familiar with Sysprep and has use it lot of times. When you are setup a Windows VM you need to install softwares, drivers, maybe some configuration in firewall, enable Remote Desktop , install critical patches and who know's what else base on every IT requirements. All these takes lot of time every time tha you must insall a new VM.

Today security is the most important task in IT.For every task or Project the first think is security before proceed to completed. I wrote 3 Parts of Remote Desktop Servers Farm and  Load Balancing months ago. Now i will write how can use RD Gateway Server to connect Remotely in your LAN from the Internet more secure.

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