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How to take a screen capture in the Windows

How many times I ask someone to print screen a message, error or warning from the screen to send me with an email and the answer is  How can do that?

To capture a snip of your screen or otherwise printscreen it’s very easy, quick without need to download 3rd part software to do it. Let’s say that you get an error or a message in your screen and you want to capture it and send it with an email. You can do it quick and easy with 2 ways.


You have decide to buy a new pc because the pc that you have is too old, most of the applications not responding and can't upgrade to Windows 7 because don't meet the Windows 7 specifications. But how can you transfer your files and your personalized settings of your user in the new PC? Where is your Favorites of your Internet Explorer?

Export Contacts from Skype

It’s time to change Skype account? You decide to create a new account in the Skype and you want all your contacts from previous Skype account? How can grab all you contacts from Skype?
If you want to export all contacts from your Skype account follow the steps:





1.    Click in Skype - > Contacts - > Advanced - > Backup Contacts to file.

Windows 7 Optimization Guide

Many times friends and colleagues ask me why his/her laptop is very slow at boot and when work. I have hear friends to tell me that his pc take 15 minutes to boot and login. It’s a nightmare when you need to do a work and you don’t have time.
For better performance pc or laptop must be maintenance once a month or 2 months, unless it’s sure that you will have performance issue.
I’m not fan of third part software’s that improve your performance of the PC for a lot of reasons.

Edit PDF Files from MS Word 2013

After days of search to find a software which can edit PDF Files , save as PDF Files and other file types like Word, Excel ,i found a  very usefull option of MS Word 2013. You have the ability to edit PDF Files with MS Word 2013, convert to Word, save as PDF, or any other type that support MS Word 2013. I impressed because i don't have any idead for this feature and i'm sure that 90% of Office 2013 user they don't know for this future.

To edit PDF File in MS Word 2013 is very simple and you can do it if you follow the steps.

Check for Internet Speed

I wonder lot of time in the past how can check my Internet Speed and verify that is the speed that i have buy from Internet Provider. Lot of times when download or try to watch movie online Internet was very slow and sometimes i was disapoint from the ISP and the package that i have buy. One day that i have go for coffee with my friends i understand that most of them they have face the same problem lot of times. So i start to search to found a way to check my Internet Speed anytime.

HOW TO 2-Step Verification in Google Account

In this article i would like to talk about security amd how much  important  is when you are connected in Internet. Security is something that can't see as a beatiful website so more of times don't give attention that should. Only when have to face security issues like a virus or spam that send emails from your account in all your conatcts and much more ....   you know very well what is mean to be secure and protected from threats in Internet. 


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