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Some times need to automate your tasks for better results and reduce the time that you need to complete your task. Last week i had to finish a very diffcult task. This is the reason which write the specific article. Let's start from the beginning.

I receive an Excel file from My Manager with 500 lines with name of comapnies and requested to search for the companies in every user folder. If i found any company then must transfer it in new folder.

Manage All your Social Accounts from One Place.

Social Media is part of our lifes today. Most of us we have account in more than one social media platform. Sometimes it can seem like an imposiible feat to keep up all of them. Check Twitter, Login in Facebook and like, Circles in Google+ and more more more ..... every day. Well after some research i found intresting apps that can use and keep all your accounts of social media platforms in one Platform.Already i use the apps that i will explain and believe me it's very helpfull.

Let's Start!!

How to use Disk Management in Windows 7 & 8.1

Windows 7 & 8.1 comes with a disk management utility built in which also called Local Disk Manager. Provides graphic interface mapping to your local disks and partitions. Local Disk Manager it's not only display the details of your local disks but allows you to create,delete,resize hard disk partitions without need a special disk utility, reboot or purchase additional software.


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