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How to Work with HYPER-V CheckPoints

CheckPoints provide a fast and easy way to revert a Virtual Machine in Previous State .Can be very usefull for IT , System Administrators  to recreate a specific problem or condition to troubleshoot a problem and when finish to revert back in previous state. CheckPoints can be use for certain circumanstences which make sense. For example you can use checkpoint in production enviroment before proceed with an update of a software running.

How to Capture Windows Image using MDT 2013

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 it's a powerfull tool with lot of abilities.Today i will explain how can Capture an already installation of Windows with multiple programms installed. Benefits of the capture is that we can setup a PC with Windows OS , all the drivers, all the softwares that need to have than we are going to capturing the image. Then we can deploy the capture image in all PC'S and save lot of time to installed drivers and softwares one by one on several systems. 

Building a Custom Windows ISO with MDT 2013

Today i will try to cover a part of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 and how can create a custom iso of Windows. It's very easy to create an iso of Windows to use it and setup multiple PC'S. Most of the time IT needs a custom iso with basic softwares that use a company or specific drivers from pc's to included in the iso. This can be happened with MDT 2013 and i will explain step by step in this article how can install the MDT 2013 and create a custom iso for your references


In Exchange Server we are familiar with SMTP Address like of them are happy with just one or two of SMTP Addresses. But what happened if you have migrated any user , setup cross forest , just try to Reply in someone who left from the company or face a mailbox corruption and must create the same mailbox? Then probably you will see some strange behaviour of the email address.

How to unlock your Laptop/PC with your smartphone

Perhaps you use password to unlock your Laptop/PC but you want to keep your Laptop/PC secure. Thanks to Wi-Fi you can use your mobile phone (smartphone) as electronic authentication key to unlock your Laptop/PC by using couple of applictions. You can use your smartphone to unlock your PC without need to memorize passwords, without need to type your password. In this article i will show you how can use it and forget anymore the boring passwords when you want to unlock your pc.

Word Mail Merge Number Formatting

Mail Merge is used when you want to create set of documents or a form letter that is sent to many customers. I have explain in prevous article How to Use Mail Merge in Word to send form letters in multiple customers. Very easy and very helpfull when you have hundred of customers to send a form letter. Today i will explain another feature of mail merge that it's also very helpfull when you have to do with numbers in form letters.

How to run multiple Skype Accounts simultaneously

We use Skype every day to communicate with our friends, family , in the work , for interviews. But Skype doesn't offer any obvious way to use multiple accounts simultaneously. Sometimes need to use your personal account and your work account at the same time. As IT i had lot of requests in my work if can use Skype with multiple accounts at the same time. I have found this way and i will share with you how can do it. 


Today Skype, Viber app and lot of apps might be usign for free voice or video Internationcal calls. I use Skype and Viber for communication but what about when you want to have your own number to call landlines international ? Skype has the feature to buy a number to use it but from specific Countries. The costs for International Calls it's not low enough if you want to use it every day. I have try it but i disappoint when i realize how fast my units for calls finish.


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