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Failover is very important for all IT Pro and is High Importance Project that must have been complete and do periodical checks that works without problems. Today i will explain in depth the last part  how can start the Failover Server and Failback to the Production again without issues and downtimes.



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Windows Sysprep Tool for Virtual Machines

Sysprep is a Microsoft tool  prepares an installation of Windows for duplication, auditing, and customer delivery. Most of you are familiar with Sysprep and has use it lot of times. When you are setup a Windows VM you need to install softwares, drivers, maybe some configuration in firewall, enable Remote Desktop , install critical patches and who know's what else base on every IT requirements. All these takes lot of time every time tha you must insall a new VM.

Today security is the most important task in IT.For every task or Project the first think is security before proceed to completed. I wrote 3 Parts of Remote Desktop Servers Farm and  Load Balancing months ago. Now i will write how can use RD Gateway Server to connect Remotely in your LAN from the Internet more secure.

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Protect File Servers from Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous mailware today.Every day i hear for infections of File Servers with Ransomware and IT to try find the source and prevent more damage in the enviroment.New types of Ransomware born every day and the protection it is very difficult task. Cases of ransomware infection were first seen in Russia between 2005 – 2006.

Powershell today is one of the most powerfull tool for IT Pro,System Admins for lot of tasks. One of tasks that has help me a lot is a quick reports that can export from my enviroment in CSV Files and use it to easy found what i want ot give it to my Manager for any kind of Review.

Today i will focus in Export any info from Active Directory like Computers , Users, Contacts and any attributes of them like Name, Operating System , emailaddresses and save it in Csv for further use.

So let's start

CIM Instead of WMI to discover monitor info

Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1 brings new set of Cmdlets to manage any Server or device that complies with CIM. Before months i wrote an article Use WMI with Powershell to Discover Monitor Information but new CmdLets like CIM is more powerfull and can use it instead of WMI. Also after publish the article related to WMI lot of users complaint that can get this info with better way which is the CIM.

Enable and Run Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10

Windows 10 offer a new feature that must write in my blog. Include in Windows 10 an Ubuntu based bash shell. This isn't a Linux software compile for Windows or a Virtual Machine like Cygwin. It's a feature of Windows that you can enable it anytime that you want. Base on the announcement in Windows Blog  you can run <<Bash scripts, Linux command-line tools like sed, awk, grep, and you can even try Linux-first tools like Ruby, Git, Python, etc. directly on Windows>>.

Today use Virtualization Technologies for the Servers in the environment. Physical Servers aren't used anymore only as HOST for Virtual Servers or in case that you have a situation that allow only Physical Server and not supported by Virtual Server. In this case what is the Backup Startegy?


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